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Since IB essay is a required component, you need to know about the IB extended essay guide. The essay is a self-directed and independent piece of research that students need to submit. Here are some guides to follow.

Submit the Extended Essay on Time

It is important to submit the essay on time because it is an essential material for your application. Take note that any late application will never be considered. To show professionalism, you need to meet the deadline. There are numerous students that are applying and the committee needs enough time to read your essay that means early submission will increase your chance to be accepted.

Extended Essay Criteria

The extended essay criteria will be given by the program you choose. In some cases, it is about 4,000 words that should be personal and original. In writing, you need to make it unique and present good information that readers want to know.

Choosing Good Extended Essay Topics

If you want to know good extended essay topics, it is essential to check out the criteria. If you do not know where you need to start, you can begin with your interest.

  • Think about your interest: A good start is that you need to think of anything you are good at and you can write it in your essay. It can also be the basis in getting the perfect topic you want.
  • Research: Researching is one of the steps you can do to help yourself. There are many resources that can help you in getting a topic that you want to work with.
  • Check samples: Since there are many samples online, grab the opportunity of checking on them. You may find a certain topic that you want but be sure that you do not copy any information on that sample but only use it as your basis in writing.

In writing the essay, you need to follow instructions, format, structure and choose proper IB extended essay topics. If there are specific structures given by them, follow it. Before you submit, do not forget to read it again to be sure there are no longer mistakes.

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