Writing a Perfect Literature Extended Essay

literature extended essay

Getting started with your literature extended essay is a big challenge and the best advice is that you need to start as soon as possible and to have a great research question. To write the perfect extended essay in literature, here are tips you can follow.

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Extended Essay Literature Tips

extended essay literatureStart early: Of course, this will be the first tip you need to consider in writing your extended essay. If you start early, you can manage your time and you can figure out on what you will do. If you have lots of time in writing, you will not stress.

extended essay literature topicsRight scope: Your question should be answerable within the word limit set by the program. You can ask one simple question, but make sure that your question is focused as much as possible. You should avoid a broad question because it will not help you. General question has many approaches and you cannot write it all.

extended essay literature helpConcepts: Make sure that you know what course concepts you will use in analyzing your question. If you will write business essay, you need to have four to five concepts, but in writing the literature essay, you need to have at least two or more. You need to tackle your question with the use of the concepts that you have researched. Keep in mind that you cannot tackle your question with the use of your ideas because it is not appropriate. In writing the extended essay, you need to show that you understand the course concepts and that you effectively use it in disproving or proving your thesis. If you have a hard time in choosing what concepts to use, then searching the internet will be a big help. Asking also the help of your parents is a good idea.

extended essay literature tipsInformation: You cannot answer the entire question in just a short period of time that is why it is important to have secondary and primary information. When it comes to your research question, you do not need to answer it right away. It is better if you think first of your concepts to get ideas. You need to get all the data you need so that you can start working on your homework. If you decided to get a help from your relatives, then do it as early as possible.

extended essay literature writingTopic: The research you do will help you in getting started to complete your essay that is why you need to choose your topic. If you have interest in the topic you will do, then you will be motivated to complete it. It is better if you write something that you enjoy for the reason that you spend much time in it.

extended essay literature topicsSpecific topic: One of the things you need to keep in mind is that you need to choose a topic that is not broad or too narrow. Since you are limited only to 4,000 words, you need to have the best topic that is specific. If you have a hard time thinking specific topic, it is better to brainstorm.

The time you know what to do in writing extended essay literature topics, you can start right now. Just be sure that you have complete information and you know what information you include in each part of your essay. Also you can read another extended essay guide and try to follow it. The extended essay is not easy to write because you need to consider many things such as research question, data, thesis statement, abstract and others. Before you start writing, ensure you have complete materials so that you will not have a hard time in writing your essay.

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