Writing a Good History Extended Essay

history extended essay topics

history extended essayInternational Baccalaureate is publishing a wide range of information and statistics about organization’s work. They are a good company and when it comes to requirements, you need to submit a score not lower than 2, submit CAS and at least have a minimum of 90% attendance in every course over 2 years.

History Extended Essay Topics

Knowing history extended essay topics is essential because you can never write an essay when you do not have a topic. Your basis in writing is to have your own topic. Here are good topics to choose from:

  1. How historians interpret all events in the past years?
  2. Significant results of Treaty of Versailles
  3. Consequences of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact for Poland, Bessarabia, Baltic states and Finland
  4. Attack on pearl harbor
  5. Opium trade and growth
  6. Traces of politics in works of William Shakespeare
  7. Atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  8. How Roman affect island nation in Britain?
  9. Political and economic consequences of Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine
  10. Roman Empire fall: Political reasons

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Writing a Good History Essay

history extended essay topicsThe key in having a good history extended essay is to get a topic. Without a topic, you cannot start writing your essay. The next step to consider is to make a research. Even though you know a bit about your topic, it is essential that you gather all resources you need. A well research paper is essential to provide the readers a great detail on what they need to learn. In the research process, it is your opportunity in raising some issues you need to tackle. You need to get all the ideas you need. When you still do not know what to do, asking your teacher, parents and friends is a nice option. When you already know what to do, your topic will become attention-grabbing as well as original. You might also want to check out extended essay history example to get more ideas.

 extended essay history exampleIf you need to write an extended essay, do your best in writing. Gather all the materials you need to present a wonderful essay. Don’t miss the chance to become part of the organization by presenting an incredible essay.

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