Tips on How to Write Extended Essay World Studies

extended essay world studies

World studies essay should focus on certain topic like global significance. With it, it will encourage students to reflect on the issues in the world like climate change, food crisis, migration, energy security, terrorism, cultural exchange, technology and global health. It is important that students will explore on issues about local phenomenon, small scale and others. Find out the tips on how to proceed with your perfect essay and remember that you can always save you time with professional essay service help.

Tips on how to Write Extended Essay World Studies

world studies extended essayGlobal sensitivity: Students must be aware on the local experiences and phenomena on development on planet.

world studies extended essay onlineGlobal understanding: Students need to think in informed and flexible way about global significance issues so that they will be aware and they get more ideas.

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world studies extended essay websiteGlobal self: Students must develop perception of self as humanity member, global actor that is capable in creating positive contribution in the world.

Aside from this, there are also other things you need to know in writing world studies extended essay. Here are more tips.

ib extended essay world studiesChoice of topic: There are numerous extended essay topics that you can choose when it comes to world studies essay. In choosing, you need to make sure that it addresses global significance issues as well as it has good interdisciplinary approach. A good topic reveals connection between local places, experiences, phenomena as well as other global framework. Your topic needs to have critical examination on issue about relevant methods, arguments and theories of two or more subjects.

ib extended essay world studies Treatment of the topicTreatment of the topic: Students must have their research question that is challenging and interesting to them. It is essential that the question chosen is limited in scope allowing them to examine about the problem or issue in depth. In addressing the research question, students must ask themselves about problems that are related to their subject.

ib extended essay world studies Research reflection spaceResearch reflection space: This is strongly recommended as part of the extended essay on world studies because it gives space for reflection on issues about the subject being studied. The reflection gives the student the chance to reflect on his work in meaningful ways. It can be in the form of blog or notebook.

ib extended essay world studies assessment criteriaInterpreting assessment criteria: When it comes to the research question, it should be focused on certain issue about global relevance that students need to investigate. The question should also invite a good approach, which involves dimensions that needed to be studied in different disciplines.

ib extended essay world studies IntroductionIntroduction: In the extended essay introduction, it should explain the significance of the topic and reasons it is worthy to be investigated. You need to give an overview on how your research question is link with local or precise issue about global development. Categories and key concepts must be related and it should be defined.

ib extended essay world studies UnderstandingUnderstanding and knowledge: Students need to choose the concepts, perspectives, examples, findings and theories from two or more subjects that demonstrate knowledge bases, communication methods, modes of understanding and others.

ib extended essay world studies ReasoningReasoning: Students must present their ideas in a coherent and logical form that is relevant to their research question. Student’s ideas must be relevant with examples and evidence. Narrative accounts and straightforward descriptive lacking analysis do not advance the argument and students must avoid it.

There you have the things you need to know about IB extended essay world studies. If you still need more details, you can check out the internet, but if you already know what to do, you need to ensure that you start writing your essay as early as possible so that you have more time to proofread and edit it.

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