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extended essay abstract

Are you in the middle of writing your extended essay abstract? If so, then check out this guide for some tips on how to start and come up with a good one that you will be proud of. Check out the pointers of extended essay guide abstract shared below.

What Is an Abstract?

It is an accurate, short and standalone statement that can convey the most important information contained in your article or essay. It can also be an abstract for a research paper, a book or any written document. One is written in a straight but non-repetitive style. Your abstract should have the following functions.

how to write an abstract for extended essayIt has to identify the problem, or the question of the thesis, being investigated about.

how to write an abstract for extended essay onlineIt also illustrates the method or scope of research or investigation.

how to write an abstract for extended essay summarizeIt has to summarize the study results.

how to write an abstract for extended essay state the conclusionIt should contain and state the conclusion.

How to Write an Abstract for Extended Essay

Your EE abstract must be only 300 words the most and it should be done correctly at the end of the writing. It should be placed after the cover page in your presentation or essay. When writing it, you should highlight important sentences in the paper that can detail or illustrate the problem, which is the objective. It must also highlight the thesis or the research question and it must identify key words and phrases, or information, which can show the scope as well as the sequence of the investigation. However, you should not explain in this part, but you only have to identify. When writing the conclusion, you should condense it only to a couple of sentences.

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Tips in Writing the EE Abstract

Do not worry about the length when writing your first draft. You only have to think of covering the most important parts that you need in the abstract. You can use the information that you have identified or highlighted as you are reading the article or the essay.

Before editing, take a word count, and then begin removing words, sentences or phrases, which are not very important. You may also provide explanation when needed. Then, check for places where the sentences can be joined or combined in order to condense idea or remove extra words. Check for unnecessary background information and then delete any unnecessary ones. Avoid using abbreviations, citations, jargon and direct quotes. Also, do not use the first person “I.” Instead, try a formal approach, like “This essay is about the effects of…” “This essay investigates the _____” “This paper tries answering the question…”

Write in the prescribed word count, and so write in 300 words if this is the required word limit. You should try to get as close to it. You should also think of the marking criteria for your presentation. The following is the marking criteria for an extended essay abstract example.


extended essay abstract exampleResearch question – 2

extended essay abstract IntroductionIntroduction- 2

extended essay abstract InvestigationInvestigation – 4

extended essay abstract Knowledge and understandingKnowledge and understanding – 4

extended essay abstract argumentReasoned argument – 4

extended essay abstract ApplicationApplication of evaluative and analytical skills – 4

extended essay abstract Language useLanguage use for the subject- 4

extended essay abstract ConclusionConclusion -2

extended essay abstract example Formal presentationFormal presentation- 4

extended essay abstract example AbstractAbstract- 2

extended essay abstract example Holistic judgmentHolistic judgment- 4

There you have a quick guide on how to come up with a good extended essay abstract. Follow these pointers when writing your paper and make sure to follow the required word limit. Also, spend some time in reading and understanding what the paper is all about as well as its thesis, in order to come up with a complete extended essay abstract that shows or conveys a complete overview of the paper or essay.

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