Secrets of Creating an Outstanding Business Extended Essay

business extended essay

International Baccalaureate is more than its certificates and educational programs. They are motivated by their mission and creating a better world through their education. Students need to submit completed diploma and to check out the English language admission standard for requirements.

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Business Extended Essay Topics

  1. Effects of ethics in fashion industry
  2. Impact of the fair trade on economics sector
  3. Effect of the streaming of television to advertising sector
  4. Wellness program in place of work
  5. Effect of workers for four day week
  6. How should the government offer subsidies to firms
  7. Level of stress of employees in business world
  8. Business Industry: what it gives to people?
  9. Why should employer need to be strict to employees?
  10. Investment: A good start for business world?

Creating Outstanding Business Extended Essay

When you like to know how to write outstanding business extended essay, you need to ensure that you know some tips especially if it is your first time to write.

  • Read a lot: If you want to be updated on the latest trends as well as hot issues, make sure you keep on reading. Read all the details you find in the internet. Ensure that you can present a wonderful content.
  • Get inspiration: Ask your family or friends about their opinions and suggestions. There are people out there that can inspire you and help you in working with your ideas.
  • Ask your teacher: Do not forget that you can ask your teacher when you are confused. If you ask more, you will learn better.
  • Search the web: It is a nice idea to search the web for business extended essay topics to get fresh ideas.
  • Sample: There are extended essay samples on the internet you can search on. You will see how the essays are formatted and what tone they used. Also, there are fresh topics online that have not been discussed and you might want to discuss it. There are ideas you can read on the internet.

When you know what you will do, start writing your essay now. Be sure that you edit and proofread it for a perfect essay. All the tips mentioned above are also applicable to a physics extended essay.

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