Read It Before You Start Your Math Extended Essay!

math extended essay

IB or international baccalaureate has a wonderful presence in many countries and around the world. Universities around the world recognize the strength IB especially on their diploma program. When it comes to requirements, students need to complete diploma with 24 points as minimum score and meet English language standard.

Extended Essay Math Topics

  1. Best way in calculating speed of operating system of PC
  2. Distances of countries: Shown as mathematical functions
  3. Best way in calculating Pi
  4. Use of geometric sequences method
  5. Legal permutations on Rubik’s Cube
  6. 3D graphing of complex number
  7. Vedic mathematics
  8. Applications of differential equations
  9. Graph theory
  10. Irrationality of numbers

Read it Before Writing Your Extended Essay Math

  • Before you start writing your math extended essay, you need to read. It is a good thing when you have your own topic because you can start writing but in order to present an awesome paper, you need read and read. Also, you need to make notes so that you will not forget the details you will include in your paper.
  • Reading what you have gathered is an essential step to have a good extended math essay. Keep in mind that your key or one stop solution in order to meet the readers or to present what they are looking for, researching is your best answer.
  • Researching is important when you do not know much about your topic. It gives you the opportunity to write well. Save all the details that you collected in your computer before you read. When you think you have enough resources that will be the right time to start reading. Highlight or underline essential points because it can be a good point for your essay. You should also write all your sources because it is essential to include it in your math extended essay.

To sum it up, reading will help you to make a wonderful essay. Researching and reading should come together. If you have a good research, you can construct an excellent paper that will stand out. Before submitting, proofread it!

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