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IB or international baccalaureate is conducting their own research. They have partnership with research institutions and leading universities around the world. They ensure a quality assurance and development. For requirements, students need to meet English language admission standard, completion of diploma and others. Experiencing hardships whilst writing admission essay on your own is natural, however, it can be different if you know where to ask for help.

Extended Essay History Topics

  1. Reasons for collapse of Soviet Union
  2. Interpretations or opinions of trails in Salem
  3. Consequences of Treaty of Versailles
  4. Different explanations after Cuban missile crisis
  5. Consequences of part between Stalin and Hitler
  6. Japanese attack on the pearl harbor
  7. Growth of the growing opium in the past years
  8. Importance of politics in plays of William Shakespeare
  9. Justification for atomic bombs dropping in World War II
  10. Roman invasion: How it change island nation

Writing History Extended Essay on Your own

It is possible to write your history extended essay on your own. There are considerations you need to do in order to make the best essay.

  • Choose a topic: Choose a topic you are interested in from a variety of extended essay topics.
  • Research the topic: make an extensive research on your topic before you start writing. In this process, it involves saving sources, organizing details as well as taking notes.
  • Begin writing: Writing with references or free writing are common ways to begin the writing process. You should not forget on how to cite sources.
  • Editing and revising: Extended essay are up to 3,500 words up to 4,000. Before you submit, you need to revise and edit it to know if there are details that you need to remove.
  • Get feedback: Have your family or peers to review your essay.

Regardless, when you ask a professional help; they will be the one to do your history extended essay They will do a research and write from scratch. You can also check out history extended essay example on the internet. It will help you in writing. When you know how to write the essay on your own, you do not need to get a help but be sure that you proofread it before submitting.

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