Is it Easy to Write Chemistry Extended Essay? It’s Time to Find out

chemistry extended essay

International Baccalaureate or IB is working with higher education community in ensuring students will get the recognition they need. It is their answer to further develop and examine programs that will prepare them on what they want to achieve.

Chemistry Extended Essay Topics

  1. Chemistry of diet sodas: Its effect to bone structure
  2. Acid rain and its effects on plants and neighborhood
  3. Fluoride power in the community water
  4. Effects of plastics packaging and to food stuffs
  5. Use of sugar for batteries
  6. Pesticides versus organic foods
  7. Differences of skim and whole milk
  8. Chemistry of MDMA
  9. Chemical signals from medication
  10. Chemicals triggering food allergies

Ways on Writing Extended Essay in Easy way

  • For beginners, writing chemistry extended essay seems to be difficult but it is not. In order for you not to have a hard time in writing, choose the topic you want to discuss. The time you are done in choosing the topic, do a research.
  • Researching will be next step in writing IB chemistry extended essay. The research will give you sufficient information you need. It gives you more details than you expect because it allows you to discover all the concepts, elements and others you need to know.
  • In writing extended essay chemistry, you need to know about what format and structure you will use. Generally, you need to have an introduction, body and conclusion. These three parts are essential in writing your essay.
  • When you prepare all what you need, you can start creating an outline that you will follow in writing. The outline will be your guide to have an organize sections and to arrange your ideas. The details will not be scattered when you have an outline.
  • You should not forget to read again your extended essay before submitting.

Having ideas about chemistry extended essay topics is essential especially when you do cannot think of any topic. Start to select your topic today, do a research, make an outline and begin writing your essay. This is your opportunity to quality for IB so ensure to do your best. And if you need help with your extended essay economics, feel free to use the tips provided by our experts.

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