IB Extended Essay Requirements you Can’t Omit

extended essay assessment criteria


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The IB extended essay requirements must be submitted on time and must be completed. The essay is a required material for international baccalaureate degree. It is a self-directed piece of paper with a word count of 4,000.

Requirements for an Essay

The IB extended gives practical preparation for your research. A chance for students to investigate on certain topic that is in line with their interest. The research process will develop the skills of students in communicating, ideas, formulating research question, personal exploration, developing an arguments and other things. The essay is one of the requirements that you cannot omit. It is important that you follow the instructions given by the program and answer questions asked from you.

Extended Essay Assessment Criteria

Knowing about extended essay assessment criteria is important so that you will be aware on what you need to do. All extended essays are assessed by examiners. Essays are based on the scale of 0 to 36. Students will receive different grade, which means:

  • A: excellent standard
  • B: good standard
  • C: satisfactory standard
  • D: mediocre standard
  • E: elementary standard

In addition, the international baccalaureate sets a deadline for the essay. With the specific deadline, you need to check the program you wish to apply for. It is the responsibility of the program to set the date and to give enough information to students.

IB Extended Essay Guidelines

Supervisors and schools are recommended to set deadline for extended essay. It is essential to know about the specific IB extended essay guidelines for your application to be considered. There are further details about requirements in meeting the deadlines for your international baccalaureate degree. Students can access the set dates on the website of chosen program.

If you want to get a good score in your extended essay, make sure that is well written and that you follow an extended essay guide strictly. You need to get rid of all errors so that it will be clear and easy to understand. A single mistake will ruin the quality of your extended essay that is why it is advisable to edit and proofread before you submit.

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