How to Write an Outstanding English Extended Essay

english extended essay

IB has a good recognition including resources that give support about summarize program, policy development, offer testimonies and research from universities and students. If you want to become part of them, you need to submit a completed diploma and other program specific requirements.

English Extended Essay Topics

  1. Arguments in keeping Zoos animals
  2. Persuade students in voting your best subject choice
  3. Are professional athletes and actors paid too much?
  4. Should teachers wear uniforms or dress code?
  5. Nuclear weapons: Killing devices or global peacemakers
  6. Girls and boys: Should they be separated in class
  7. Effectiveness of death penalty
  8. Use of animals: To what extent should they accept it in terms of scientific research
  9. Dating: Appropriate age
  10. Explanation on what world would be like

Writing Tips to Have Outstanding English Extended Essay

  • Brainstorming process: In writing English extended essay, you need to begin with brainstorming. In here, you will get all ideas you need to perfect your paper. Do not worry when ideas are messy or not coherent because you can fix it later.
  • Framework of successful essay: After knowing English extended essay topics and brainstorming, you need to think of framework you will use. You can decide whether you want to use an outline, bullets, diagrams, flow charts and others. The essential of doing this is that you will not waste your time arranging or organizing your thoughts when you need to write.
  • Proofread: You will not have an outstanding essay when do not proofread your essay. Proofreading includes eliminating all errors in your paper such as grammar, spelling, wrong word choice and punctuation.
  • Check examples: If you want to know more, reviewing English extended essay examples is a good step. It is your help to know more about formatting and structuring but be sure that you will not copy any information on the samples.

A successful extended essay is well written and well researched. If you do not do your best in writing and in searching for all arguments, evidences and other information you need; you cannot submit a high quality of paper.

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