How to Write a Great Psychology Extended Essay

psychology extended essay

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Psychology Extended Essay Topics

  1. Is there psychological difference between away game and home game?
  2. Should websites need to be designed differently?
  3. Effectiveness or mirror in martial arts or dance class
  4. Overcoming addiction
  5. Stress: Lead to early delivery?
  6. Television: Have something to do with obesity of children
  7. Miscarriage: Effect to personal emotions
  8. Role of parents to children: What they should offer
  9. Smoking: Bad or good?
  10. Overwork: Affects individual mood?

Writing Great Psychology Extended Essay

To write a magnificent psychology extended essay, it is essential to exert effort in writing. If you are wondering how the essay should must be written, here is what you need to do.

  • Choose your topic: In writing extended essay psychology, you need to choose a topic. Your topic should be interesting and it is not boring. It need to present all essential points.
  • Begin your research: The time you know what you will write, it is the time you need to do a research. You need to make a research on what you need to write and include in your paper. Take note that you can’t make a good outline when you do not have the necessary details. Be sure to start researching as early as possible.
  • Develop an outline: Your outline will serve as your plan in writing your paper. You need to write your arguments. To make a great outline, you need to write all your arguments that are essential and the next thing is to reorder or refine your list.
  • Perfect your essay: get your draft and read it again. Rearrange the information in logical manner. If you are satisfied, then edit it. Get rid of all mistakes.

Know psychology extended essay topics first before you start writing. Choose the subject you want to discuss and provide all arguments needed.

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