How to Write a Great IB Biology Extended Essay

ib biology extended essay

IB or international baccalaureate earned a reputation for pedagogical leadership, student achievement and teaching. They are working with international organizations, governments and schools. For requirements, students need to have at least 12 points on higher-level subjects, grade A, and all CAS must be met.

Extended Essay Topics Biology

Knowing extended essay biology topics is important. You can never get started in writing your essay when you do not know what topic you will be focus on. To write magnificently, you need to write well and give detailed information about your topic.

  1. Impact of aging to person’s eyesight and in human retina
  2. How physiology exercise and exercise relate to overall fitness and to good health
  3. How epidemic obesity change biological structure of people
  4. Food labeling: how it changed biology products in food industry
  5. Effect of the detergent toxicity in environment
  6. Malnourished children study and their recovery after being supervised
  7. Effect of acidity to plant versus effect of pH levels
  8. Evolutionary and competitive nature of symbiotic relationship of paramecium
  9. Factors affecting germination of seeds
  10. Uses of gel electrophoresis technique

Writing IB Biology Extended Essay

  • In writing IB biology extended essay, you need to pick a topic you want to research on. Do not stress yourself and always follow all the guidelines in writing. The time you choose the topic you want, you need to be familiar to it. You need to include writing methods, write up, observations and other things that will make your essay incredible.
  • There are numerous extended essay topics biology and be sure you choose the best. In writing, write a killing paper that will stand out. Follow also the word count given by the program. It is also essential to cite references.
  • Be sure to prepare consistent, accurate and legible sequence of your contents. IB is very strict with plagiarism that is why you need to submit an original and unique extended essay biology.

Start writing now while you have much time left. Do your best and take note all the guidelines as well as read instructions.

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