How to Succeed in IB History Extended Essay

ib history extended essay

The international baccalaureate or IB is working with educators and schools in the world. They have representatives on 3 global centers, Singapore, Bethesda and Hague. For general requirements, students are required to have a minimum of score of three in higher level English, diploma and others.

IB Extended Essay History Topics

  1. World war II versus World War I
  2. Main factors in downfall on Mughal Empire
  3. Lessons learned from Ottoman Empire
  4. 800 years rule of the Muslims in Spain: An analysis
  5. History of the Australian continent
  6. 21st century comparison to last century when it comes to development
  7. Reasons behind French Revolution
  8. Alexander the great: Most influential Conqueror
  9. Places that British ruled
  10. Existence of United Nation

Be Successful in Writing Extended Essay in History

In IB extended essay history, you need to write well. IB does not have much tough requirements but you need to satisfy them by writing the best essay and you can do this when you know what you need to do.

Writing the IB history extended essay is not difficult to complete when you know how to start writing it. If you are determined and believe in your skills, you can submit a one of a kind essay. Researching is easy to do because you need to type what you are looking for and it will provide all the details you need. On the other hand, you cannot start researching when you do not have a topic that is why choosing or selecting your topic is the first step you need to complete. Searching for your topic is time consuming and difficult job. This page presented some topics you can write on.

At first, it is hard to finalize your topic but you should not worry because you can ask your friends and family to help you. Allow them to read your essay and ask for suggestions.

Finally, the very first thing you need to do is to search for IB extended essay history topics. When you have a topic, you can start writing and to do a research on the web.

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