How I Created a Fantastic IB Extended Essay Biology

ib extended essay biology

The International baccalaureate is an educational program and certificates. They are motivated in creating a better world. For requirements, students need to check the program they will enter. Students need to get a diploma.

IB Extended Essay Topics Biology

To have the best IB extended essay topics biology, you need to make a good research. Researching is your key in order to know more details about your topic and to know what topic you will discuss. Check this out!

  1. Growth and distribution of lichens
  2. Effectiveness of the commercial antibacterial of cleaning agents
  3. Physical fitness and altitude
  4. Bacteria and food living organism
  5. An experiment with neural and toddlers maturation
  6. Different mouthwashes in killing bacteria
  7. Fruit consumption of every person
  8. Nature of the symbiotic relationship
  9. Part of brain controlling reflexes
  10. Basic principle of blood types and how it influence people

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Creating Fantastic Extended Essay Biology

In writingIB extended essay biology, there are many things that should be done. Writing the essay is a difficult task. Before you choose the area that you will focus on, you need to make a good research. It is important that you have a good topic for an ib biology extended essay.

  • Select your subject: You need to figure out what is the right topic for you. You need to look for something that you will enjoy to work with.
  • Narrow it down: The time you selected your subject, you need to narrow it down in order to get a specific topic. There are guidelines in doing this and you need to follow it.
  • Choose your topic: The time you narrow down your subject, you need to choose your topic. It is essential to choose particular themes.
  • Perform a good research: before you sit down, you need to make a research on your topic. You also need to write where you found the information. Save the resources in order to write a good essay. Be careful in writing your notes.

There are many IB extended essay biology topics you can found online. If you still want to know more topics, do a research and you need to start today!

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