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ib extended essay format

extended essay abstractWhen it comes to IB extended essay format, it is important that you know about it. Proper formatting is essential especially when you are applying to a certain degree. You need to be sure that you have effective and clear format all the time. If you have any difficulties, you can turn to affordable writing services and ask the experts for help.

IB Extended Essay Format

There are seven parts that you should not miss in writing your IB extended essay, you need to have an abstract table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography page. The fonts and size will depend on your writing style. Follow this short IB extended essay guide:

  • Abstract: The extended essay abstract need to be three paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs should be around 100 words. The first paragraph should contain research question and thesis. The second paragraph should contain limits, of research, scope and others. The third paragraph must contain conclusion.
  • Title page: There is a format for IB extended essay title page given by the program and you need to follow it.
  • Table of contents: In your table of contents, you need to have the following parts: research question, thesis, introduction with page number, arguments with page numbers, and sub-headings with page numbers and conclusion with page numbers. You also need to include the appendix with page numbers and bibliography page with page number.
  • Extended Essay Cover Page: Your cover page should be concise and clear.
  • Introduction: In your extended essay introduction, you need to start it with attention-grabbing and follow the correct sequence that means in the first sentence, you need to present your thesis to be followed by research questions and others.

Other information will be included in the body section and when it comes to your conclusion, you need to end it strong. The readers need to remember what you have discussed.

ib extended essay title pageIt is not easy to write an extended essay because it is somewhat long compared to other essays. With it, you have more opportunities to present what you want and to discuss essential details. Just be sure it is necessary and will not waste the spaces. Check out all the IB extended essay requirements and start writing now!

Follow these tips for ib extended essay format today!

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