Find out the Secrets of an Excellent Computer Science Extended Essay

computer science extended essay

A computer science extended essay gives students the opportunity to investigate on implications and aspect of computing for the world and society. Students can research about latest developments as well as future possibilities in certain subject. Here is the useful guide on how to write an essay.

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Computer Science Essay Secrets in Writing

essay computer scienceTopic choice: You need to select a topic that is about or that reflects computing. Students need to show that they gained enough understanding about the topic and the relevant practices and theory of computer science. Students need to analyse their findings and they need to consider also the implications. The topic chosen should allow students to create full analysis about their chosen subject.

essay computer science helpTreatment of the topic: The computer science extended essay is not a tool in demonstrating your programming skills. The essay is your chance to be creative in different sphere. Even though extended essay can refer to programming exercise like compiler for new language that is designed by students, the emphasis should be on development, analysis and design of complier as well as language design. The extended essay topics should relate or based on projections and sound theory of information science and well-known computer authorities.

Assessment Criteria

computer science essayFor research question, it should be appropriate to certain area of computer science that is being explored, and it must be sharply and specific focused. It must be centered about computer science and not about peripheral issues like technology social implications or computing history.

computer science essay helpIntroduction: It has be related to your research question. In here, it is not expected that students should explain everything about the theory.

computer science essay tipsInvestigation: The type and range of sources available are influenced by numerous factors and by topic chosen by the students.

computer science essay partsUnderstanding: Students are expected to discuss their topic coherently and they need to demonstrate knowledge of computing in the topic they choose.

computer science essay structureReasoned argument: They have to be aware of what they include in their essay. It is essential that the support their reasoned argument and experimentation in order to persuade the readers. Personal views are not accepted and it should not be stated.

computer science essay structure tipsApplication of evaluative/analytical skills: The extended essay in computer science demands students to apply creative, logical and critical thinking to certain topic and they also need to show appreciation of consequences that arise from technological development.

computer science essay online helpUse of appropriate language: Effective use of terminology in science includes appropriate use of the technical vocabulary. Layman terms for systems and computer parts should be avoided and not be used.

computer science essay ConclusionConclusion: It has to develop the argument. It should never introduce a new subject matter. It must be unique and it is not just repeating the introduction; instead, it should offer a new synthesis. It is important that the student have a complete understanding about implications of his topic and have independent and clear evaluation.

computer science essay Formal presentationFormal presentation: The presentation of your essay that does not have references or bibliography is not accepted. You should not omit the sections or parts that should be included in the extended essay. Do not omit the title page, page numbers, table of contents and other required elements.

computer science essay AbstractAbstract: The abstract gives an overview of essay and research and not about quality of your research question.

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Finally, you cannot start your essay computer science if you do not know what to do. You are lucky because there are tips that you can follow and serve as your guidelines in writing the extended essay. If you know what to write and what you will include in your essay, you need to start writing today so that you can edit your essay with enough time.

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