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ib psychology extended essay,

International Baccalaureate or IB is working with educational institutions in many ways, which include IB program development, collaboration on research as well as other related events. One of the essential requirements of IB is to submit diploma.

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IB Psychology Extended Essay Topics

  1. Person perception
  2. Social cognition
  3. Propaganda, marketing and persuasion
  4. Pro-social behavior
  5. Leadership of qualified people
  6. Effect of violence to children
  7. Different kinds of parenting styles
  8. Aging process: Effect to adults
  9. Bad versus good attitudes: Comparison
  10. Love, romance and attraction

Tips in Writing IB Extended Essay Psychology

To write a good psychology extended essay or IB psychology extended essay, you should know some tips in writing if it is your first time to write. You need to exert effort in knowing what you need to do.

Here is our short extended essay guide:

  • Choose the right topic: When you a good topic, it will be easy for you to write your essay in easy way. The topic must be interesting and easy to understand. Identify areas that needed more research and focus on it.
  • Do a research: Your task will be easier when you have a good research. You need to find out more information about your topic and you can do it by researching. Researching will help you to know what you will include and what you should not.
  • Make an outline: In all forms of writing, creating an outline is essential. The outline will be your guide to know what you will write. In your outline, you need to list what arguments and details you will discuss. To do a wonderful job, you need to create your outline in 2 steps. First, be sure to write a list of arguments you want to discuss. Second, you need to organize your list. It is better when you do more research in determining the most persuasive evidence.
  • Write your first draft: You can start writing and in your first draft, you need to include all your thoughts. Your draft does not need to be coherent unless it is the final draft.

The time you know what to do in writing your IB psychology extended essay, you can start writing now!

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