Don’t Miss These Tips on Extended Essay Structure

In all academic writing, the structure is critical. There are many students who are having a hard time on it not only because they need to meet the strict guidelines, but they need to ensure that they limit their creativity. The extended essay format is there for a reason. The strict guidelines and structure make common language as well as common way of thinking between different researchers that makes it easier for others to create their paper, whether it is extended essay, article or research paper. Of course, you can use extended essay samples, but you have to know main ru

Main Guidelines about Extended Essay Plan Structure

If you read the official guidelines about extended essay, it is essential to take note of it because it will completely help you. Here are things you need to remember when it comes to essay structure:

extended essay formatEach extended essay need to have sections, which include title page, abstract, content page, introduction, body and conclusion as well as the bibliography page. It is up to you whether you will include appendices page or not.

extended essay format tipsIt is important to read the specific guidelines of the subject you choose because they have different rules and it differs from others. For example, math guidelines are not completely similar to physics guidelines.

extended essay format helpThe introduction must have research question. The question must be actual question and it should not be a statement. Take note that this is very essential, especially for extended essays.

extended essay format writingThe body needs to develop your research clearly and you need to ensure that you use citations. It is important that you use the sample citation style throughout your essay.

extended essay format onlineYour introduction and conclusion needs to be clear and not be repetitive.

Extended Essay Skeleton

extended essay planAbstract: It is a long paragraph of everything you have discovered and have done from research question until your conclusion. The content need to be chosen carefully and must be written by using paragraphs.

extended essay plan Table of contentsTable of contents: It guides the reader on where they will go.

extended essay plan IntroductionIntroduction: It states about what your work is all about. You can write about your motivations, hypotheses and describe your background information topic. Your extended essay introduction has to be catchy.

extended essay planExperimental method: It is essential to describe how you conduct your experiment with the use of past tense. It is better to use 1 or 2 pictures because it is helpful.

extended essay plan Data presentationData presentation: It is essential to use tables in showing what numerical or raw data your experiment yielded. It is important to include uncertainties and errors as much as possible.

extended essay plan Data analysisData analysis: You need to explain what your data means regarding your research question. Tell if there are significant trends supporting or contradicting your hypotheses. Tell if there are anomalies and be sure to address the questions using present tense.

extended essay plan ConclusionConclusion: The conclusion must answer your research question. You need to state it clearly in your first sentence.

The extended essay is not easy to write because there are many things you need to consider. You need to make sure that you exert your best effort to have an exceptional essay that you can submit to the program. Overall, the time you know how to structure your extended essay, you can start writing. Be sure that you follow the format and you included all needed sections. Start to write your essay today while you have much time.

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