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geography extended essay

You need to know that it is challenging to make a geography extended essay because there are many things you need to consider. The good thing is that there are techniques available online that you can follow to have the best essay that you can submit.

IB Geography Extended Essay Tips

ib geography extended essayDoubt your sources: Your extended essay need to have the best sources, where you use in drawing conclusions and analyzing. If you think you are satisfied with your sources, you should not be. Even though you have the best details, you still need to know the weakness of your research. If you know the weaknesses of your research, then you can have a good essay. If you have done your work with the use of secondary and primary sources, it helps you to be critical. You can also ask your friend to revise it and get extended essay help.

geography ee topicsAcademic stuff: Few students are using Google Scholar because they think it is boring, but it is a good thing for students who read it and understand because there are many things they will know about it. In writing your extended essay, what you need to do is to find something that is related to it, print it and invest enough time of what the information is talking about. It is better to ask your siblings or parents to help you in tracking down the articles because they can find some information that is related to your essay. It seems to be a lot of work, but it will help you to have a magnificent essay.

ib geography extended essay helpUse a proxy: If you heard the proxy word, you might think that it is about virtual private networks allowing you to surf freely. The fact is that proxy sources allow you to do more research. For instance, if your extended essay is about launching of organic lecture in Canada and then you did a research, but you cannot find any data about lettuce in Canada. With this, proxy can be used in writing your essay. Even though you cannot find any data, there is a way that but using the proxy, it will strengthen your analysis.

ib geography extended essay websiteBecome expert: This is self- explanatory because just like your exam, you need to earn a good mark which means you need to know some things like knowing what impress the examiners, what marks they give and others. If you want to become an expert in writing your essay, you can talk to your teachers, parents and friends. Since examiners have different interpretations, it is better to read the criteria for many times so that you can have a high grade. If you think that you need to adjust your writing, do it.

ib geography extended essay professional helpEdit: It is essential that you read your essay. You think that your extended essay is long, but you need to read it for many times. There is a chance that you have a horrible extended essay if you will not read it because you cannot re-check your mistakes. You will not know if your essay makes sense or not if you will not edit it. As your read your paper, you need to find spelling and grammar errors. You need to cross out or highlight superfluous writing. Keep in mind that you do not have your teacher to read for your paper, they will not do it for you that are why you need to ensure that you have a good extended essay that is well edited.

ib geography extended essay tipsRead other extended essays that are better: You can check out exemplar extended essay because they are good resource. You can check their structure so that you get ideas on how they create it. You need to read their essay carefully to know if their conclusion is tie with their essay or not.

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If you know what you will do in writing your extended essay, be sure that you have EE geography topics so that you can choose what to write. If you have many choices on your topics, you can choose the best that you really want to write.

Follow these tips for a magnificent geography extended essay today!

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