Choosing the Best Extended Essay Ideas

extended essay ideas

To come up with good extended essay ideas, you need to choose a specific subject area in your field that you want to study.

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In choosing perfect IB extended essay topics, you need to know about the latest trends and the information that is good to discuss it.

IB Extended Essay Topic Ideas

  • Sexual relations: This is one of the good IB extended essay topic ideas you can deal with. You can talk about family, divorce or gay marriage.
  • Terrorism: In writing international baccalaureate extended essay, you can deal with terrorism. This is a hot topic and there are many things you can address such as religious issue, the social issue as well as political issues.
  • Death penalty: This is a topic that is good to write about. There are still countries practicing death penalty and you can talk about it. Choose one country and focus on their laws or regulations.
  • Media effects: Media includes video games, cell phones and television. It also includes internet and readers will be interested to know your opinions about what is the effect of media to people.
  • Legality of marijuana: legality of marijuana is a good start. The legalization has been discussed and debated for many years. There are thousands of testimonials and opinions that support it. Show their argument and approval.
  • Healthcare: There are many discussions when it comes to healthcare. Health becomes a national concern for all people. Your essay can be attention-grabbing since healthcare is very important to survival.
  • Politics: Politics is a nice topic and you can discuss on achievements, debates, ideas and scandals. Share your ideas to your readers.
  • School: All people have their opinion about schooling. Everyone thinks that it is the best way in learning. Tell your opinions about the education system.
  • Science and religion: There are many debates about science and relation. You can discuss the relationship of the two in your essay.

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