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ib extended essay topics

If you want to know about IB extended essay topics, you are lucky because you will find out some of the best and winning topics. In writing an essay, one of the essential components is to have a great topic and if you can’t think of any, check this out!

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IB Extended Essay Topics

  • Nabokov’s way on how to seduce reader
  • Symbolism in Victorian Poetry
  • Interaction between repulsive and current force
  • Relationship between soil properties
  • Development of wine and vines
  • Pen’s view of Sword

Importance of Choosing Extended Essay IB Topics

To meet all the requirements, follow our IB extended essay guide:

  • Know more information: It is essential to have IB extended essay topic because you cannot do a research without it. You cannot able to know more information without a topic.
  • Can’t get started: Having a certain topic will help you to get started. Of course, if you do not have any topic, you will not know where you need to start, what you will research on and other things. A topic is very important for an extended essay.
  • Be organized: When you have a topic, you can present an organized flow of details. If you just write without a topic, how can people understand what you are talking about especially when you are dealing with many things and information?
  • Be specific: In choosing a topic, you should not just choose and choose because it is essential that your topic is specific. General topics are too broad which means you need to discuss many things. If you have a specific topic, you only need to deal with one thing with numerous concepts, arguments, evidence or explanations.

If you can’t think of any IB extended essay topics, do a research. Internet will help you in finding the right topic you can write. It is better when you write an essay that it is in line with your interest or you are curious about so that you will have more eagerness to know more about it. Avoid getting a topic that is common and not worthy. There are many topics out there you can choose from. Ask your friends or family!

Follow these tips for a perfect IB extended essay topics today!

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