All Secrets About International Baccalaureate Subjects

international baccalaureate subjects


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If you want to know about international baccalaureate subjects, this page will present what you are looking for. There are numerous subjects as well as courses you can choose from. Start choosing your subject.

Popular International Baccalaureate Subjects

  • English Literature
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Theatre
  • Biology
  • History
  • Physics
  • Business and Management
  • Visual Arts
  • German
  • Economics

Your international baccalaureate results will depend on a subject you choose.

International Baccalaureate Courses: Important Dates

It is essential to know about international baccalaureate subjects important dates so that you will be aware on when you need to submit all application and how will you balance your time. Time management is essential when you are applying.

  • Mid-December: Registration opens
  • March 31: Early bird registration ends
  • April 1: Regular registration begins
  • May 8: Deadline to submit cancellation request with 50% refund
  • July 7: Registration closes

International Baccalaureate Application

To apply, here is a list of international baccalaureate application requirements you need to submit.

  • Official transcripts of record
  • Language proficiency

Note: Refer to the program you chose in order to know more specific requirements you need to submit. Be sure to check the application requirements to get the program you want. You should not forget about the deadlines set by your chosen program because it is essential to submit application on or before the deadline.

Important of Writing an Essay

When applying to IB, international baccalaureate essay is an essential requirement. It is needed that you write the essay logically, effective and awesome. You can never convince the reader when you do not do well in writing the essay. The most important thing is that you need to exert effort and dedicate enough time in writing the required essay. Be sure to follow the word count and other instructions.

There are numerous great international baccalaureate subjects that you can choose. It is necessary that you choose the right subject for you before you start applying. Keep in mind also that you need to be updated on the deadlines and the application process. To get some inspiration, feel free to review our sample extended essay. The key to meet your dreams is that you need to do your best.

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