A Perfect IB Extended Essay English: a Myth or Reality?

ib extended essay english

IB or International baccalaureate was founded in the year 1968. It is a non-profit education institution that offers highly respected programs that will develop personal, intellectual, social and emotional skills of students.

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Extended Essay English Topics

  1. Should textbooks be replaced by computers?
  2. Should elementary and high school students allowed to have cell phones?
  3. Wealthy nations: Should they need to share their wealth to poorer nations?
  4. Spending money on space exploration?
  5. Is fashion essential?
  6. Should students be dependent with computers?
  7. Should students allowed to give a grade to their teachers?
  8. Voting age: Should be lowered?
  9. Should parents give their children tasks or chores at home?
  10. What should be done in protecting endangered animals

Perfect Extended Essay: Myth or Reality

In IB English extended essay, you are able to construct the perfect paper as long as you know what you need to do. Constructing the perfect essay is not a myth because there are students who can do well in their essay. They are spending enough time in writing their paper. They are doing an extensive research in order to provide the details that readers should know about the topic.

It is a reality that there are students who can construct a one of a kind IB extended essay English. Yes, not all have the skills in writing the best paper but when you got some tips and examples online, you are able to know what you will do. The essay is an essential requirement for IB admission because it will tell whether you are qualified or not.

In writing the essay, the very first thing to do is to know about extended essay English topics. More extended essay topics will allow you to choose the right topic you will discuss. It is better when you have interest on the topic you want because you have easier task.

If you like the subject you are writing, you will tend to research more until you satisfy yourself that all you collected are enough to discuss your topic. Start writing your IB essay now!

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