10 Extended Essay Tips That Can Improve Your Paper

extended essay tips

Extended essay is a requirement if you will apply for diploma program in IB. It gives students the chance to do independent research on the topic that they want. If you want to improve your paper and make sure you get a high score, here is what you need to know.

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Extended Essay Tips

extended essay criteriaFind a topic: It is important that you find a topic that you want or you have interested with so that you can start right away. It is better if you have ideas on the topic you want because it will be easy to do. You will never work on your essay if you do not know where you begin or what topic you will research.

extended essay criteria onlineDo not be stressed: The time you are doing conducting research, it is better to have a draft. You do not need to be stress with the essay because you can complete it on the right time. It is better to have interest on the topic because it will motivate you to complete it.

extended essay criteria websiteFollow extended essay criteria: There are many students who are having a hard time with the essay because of the number of words required, but if you follow the guidelines, you will never have a difficult time. You can easily realize what you will do and how you meet the word count.

extended essay criteria specificYour focus should be specific: In writing the essay, you need to focus on something that is specific. Make sure that you have specific topic in your mind because general subject area will not help you. Having general topic will let you research on many things, which is not a good thing. Your essay title should be similar to the style that used by internal assessments. It is better to check the guidelines for extended essay because you get advice on what you need to avoid.

extended essay criteria samplesEssay competitions: Check if there are scholarship or competitions opportunities where you can enter the essay. Even though you do not win in the competition, you at least get a good feedback. Check out extended essay samples.

extended essay criteria professionalCiting sources: Keep eligible, accurate and consistent notes including bibliographic details. This is good to do because you have a guide and it is better to cite your sources in either APA or MLA format or whatever recognized format by the program.

extended essay criteria topicsUse the internet: The good thing is that you can use the internet to check for details, but you need to be skeptical in using the internet because everyone is posting anything that is why you need to read carefully. You need to be aware on what are the good sources for your topic.

extended essay criteria organizationOrganization: The time you are done researching your topic, you need to spend enough time in organizing and structuring your essay. Be sure that your essay has a good introduction, research questions, focus and other important details.

extended essay criteria argumentStick to your argument: It is essential that you have a strong topic and you always have clear argument. You also need to stick with your arguments with good facts and not with your emotional opinions.

extended essay criteria thesisConcise and clear thesis statement: It is true that you need to concentrate with some parts of your essay, but it is also essential that you have concise and clear thesis statement. You need to ensure that your thesis is easy to identify.

It is not easy to write the extended essay, but if you have a guide, you will not have a hard time. If you know what to do, be sure to start writing your essay while you have enough time.

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